Hisotic Tax Credits Ohio

BrainWave prepares documents for Nomination to the National Historic Register:

National Historic Register Buildings are eligible for the Federal 20% and the Ohio 25% thax credits on Qualified Restoration Expenditures (QRE)

National Register Nomination Process

National Register Nomination Preperation

The process of having your property nationally registered is a very important step in the renovation and rehabilitation process in a historical building.  It all starts at the State Historical Preservation Office (SHPO).  Once is has been established that your property meets the National Registration criteria, the listing process can begin.  Once confirmed, your property will be listed in the National Register of Historic Places.  Having your property listed does not come with any obligation to you. 

Brainwave can help you get through this process which is a crucial step to esablishing your property as viable for a rehabilitation Historic Tax Credit.


To learn more about the National Register Nomination Process, please contact us.

(Updated May 2016)