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Ohio Tax Credits

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Historic Preservation and Energy Credits

Historic buildings and old homes were usually build in a time when heating and cooling units were not mainstream or planned around like many modern homes are nowadays.  This led to building needing to be as efficient as possible in holding heat from a small furnace or fireplace, and in the summer the houses needed to be able to keep the heat out and the cooler air inside.  What this means now is that older construction buiulding are more energy efficient than you may realize.  Age has caused leaks to spring up around windows and doors, but with the proper steps you can bring your building up to a higher level of efficiency.  To help offset these costs there are a number of tax credits in place for both the upgrading of historic buildings themselves and more for upgrading to efficient heating and cooling units as fell as the addition of geothermal and solar energy units.

For a detailed report on green Historical Buildings check out this report by Preservation Green Lab
The Greenest Building: Quantifying the Environmental Value of Building Reuse

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Solar Energy unit Application
Residential Energy Credit Application
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Historic Tax credit Eligibility Form (Federal)



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HPCA Part 1
HPCA Part 2
HPCA Part 3
HPCA Amendment

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