Hisotic Tax Credits Ohio
Correctly identifying Historic Infrastructure allowable expenses are critically important when planning for an Historic Tax Credit Restoration. Contact BrainWave Historic Consulting to clarify any item which may impact your Qualified Restoration Expenditure (QRE) Credits

Biulding Infrastructure QRE cover most major expenses in Historic Restorations.

Building Infrastructure QRE Items

Many building infrastructure components present challenges in a restoration project. Stairways, door sizes, window placements, halways may not conform to local building code specifications. Luckily, precedents exist for most of these issues. Most Zoning and building codes make exceptions for continuity of historic infrastructure fabric. (which actually works to facilitate Historic Tax Credit projects). Additionally QRE specifically include many expenses which are necessary in any non-historic project, making Historic Tax credit projects even more attractive. The following are typical infrastructure QRE valid items:

Optional or qualified QRE Items:

Porch repairs
Entry steps and stares
Terrace repairs
Attached Porte-corchere repairs
Non-attached and accessory structures


To learn more about Building Ifrastructure QRE Items, please contact us.