Hisotic Tax Credits Ohio

BrainWave supports conservation, restoration, preservation and adaptive re-use of commercial and residential structures:

Ohio Tax Credits

Community Assets offer development opportunities and preserve unique local historic infrastructure, by returning it to  productive use.

Ohio Historic Restoration Tax Credit Consulting

Historic preservation is an important part of our communities identity and asset base. BrainWave assists clients in determining ways to facilitate restoration and historic preservation. For individual property owners, developers, and local communities wanting to deploy Historic Preservation Development Incentives in their area.

Strategies for Review When Considering a Rehabilitation or Restoration Project:

the Secretary of the interior classifies "restoration" into the following categories...the first treatment...

Preservation, places a high premium on the retention of all historic fabric through conservation, maintenance and repair. It reflects a building's continuum over time, through successive occupancies, and the respectful changes and alterations that are made. 

Rehabilitation, the second treatment, emphasizes the retention and repair of historic materials, but more latitude is provided for replacement because it is assumed the property is more deteriorated prior to work. (Both Preservation and Rehabilitation standards focus attention on the preservation of those materials, features, finishes, spaces, and spatial relationships that, together, give a property its historic character.)

Restoration, the third treatment, focuses on the retention of materials from the most significant time in a property's history, while permitting the removal of materials from other periods.

Reconstruction, the fourth treatment, establishes limited opportunities to re-create a non-surviving site, landscape, building, structure, or object in all new materials.

Choosing the most appropriate treatment for a building requires careful decision-making about a building's historical significance, as well taking into account a number of other considerations:

The Economic Incentives for RESTORATION 

The Federal Government and State of Ohio offer a combined 45% tax credit incentive for Restoration of Historically eligible properties. This tax credit is designed to facilitate economic activity and restore vitality to older parts of our communities. This tax credit puts older neighborhoods and structures on a more competitive footing compared to the sprawl of corn-field new development. Restoration also includes a higher percentage of skilled labor costs compared to new construction, and helps expand local employment and new business development.

Resources and Links

The National Park Services definations of Appropriate treatements for Conservation http://www.nps.gov/hps/tps/standguide/overview/choose_treat.htm

For mor information regarding historic restoration tax credit consuling please contact us.  (Updated May 2016)