Hisotic Tax Credits Ohio

BrainWave assists with Historic Tax Credit restoration planning and eligibility confirmation, for a wide variety of historic structures:

Planning can include "visioning" of districts after development of Historic District Boundaries and incentive programs.

Historic Tax Credit Application Development Consultation

Brainwave has experience working with City planners and we can help to move the planning process along quickly.  We understand what needs to be done during the planning process and we have experience in all stages of the project. What we can do to help City Planners:

We have worked with many architects and know what is required to help them move along quickly and to be as cost effective as possible.  In order to better help your architect we help perform these services:

We understand how developers do their jobs and know just what the need to move quickly and be cost effective.  We have worked well with them before and have experience in all stages of the development process.  We help developers by:

Resources, and How to get started

To get your Historic Tax Credit Application Development started, please contact us.  (Updated May 2016)