Hisotic Tax Credits Ohio

BrainWave Develops Planns and Applications for Historic Tax Credit Restoration and  preservation  of commercial and residential structures:

AutoCAD plans can be used by Architects and Sub-contractors.

CAD Drafting, Documentation, and cost effective document preparation.


Planning a restoration or rehab, or adaptive reuse project?

CAD plans provide the current layout of the building and can be altered and changed as necessary to display the proposed layout and/or the original layout.  Floorplan drawings are required for approval of renovation and work.  These plans are also used by the contractors and can be set to display only the information that is required for those projects.  Because they are able to be changed quickly, any alterations can be done quite easily.
We are able to produce CAD drawings of the floorplan that are usable by the contractors and usable in the tax credit programs.  We can also create plans for personal use simply to show the current floorplan of the building

To learn more about CAD Drafting and the Documentation process, please contact us.  (Updated May 2016)