Hisotic Tax Credits Ohio

BrainWave supports Tax Credit Restoration Projects, including adaptive re-use of commercial and residential structures:

Tax credit projects promote economic development

Historic Tax Credit Services

BrainWave Offers A Wide Range Of Historic Consulting Services:

We offer a wide range of assistance centered on encouraging historic preservation. Services to developers, building owners, and Communities interested in participating in Historic Preservation. 

Historic Tax Credit Planning

BrainWave can help determine if a building, site or district meets the eligibility criteria for Historic Certification. If it is eligible, determine what is the best course of action to set the stage for historic development. And assistance in determining to what extent a restoration is viable, what kinds of adaptive reuse makes sense, and what timelines and rough budgeting might be necessary. BrainWave can also help identify market-based options for re-use, likely income streams, and final asset values.

Historic Tax Credit Consulting

Working with Developers is an important service we can provide. Getting the information, options and precedents into the decision matrix. Making sure everyone understands the issues, specifications, requirements and likely timeframes involved.
Also involving Architects in the equation, so that the plans and processes utilized create the most cost-effective restorations possible. 
BrainWave works with City development and planning staff to streamline processes so that historic preservation becomes a viable economic development tool. And a tool for neighborhood renovation and renewal through citizen engagement and confidence building.

Project Management of Historic Tax Credit Developments

We work with project mangement tools to ensure that each stage facilitates the implemetation of historic preservation standards. Building the standards into the process helps insure that work will progress smoothly to completion. Setting the specifications expectations also helps identify that the correct sub-contractors are involved who have the experience to effeciently perform the needed component.

Certified Local Government Set-up: Helping Jurisdictions Get In The Game.

For communities looking to jump-start historic tax credit redevelopment, possesing an effective Certified Local Government (CLG) capability is an important first step. CLG status streamlines the process of qualification and eligibility, and gives your community an advantage over a community without CLG status. CLG status builds a community identity and historic appreciation.


Certified Local Government Applications:

BrainWave can assist in the process of CLG application and set-up. The state has well defined and documented process to implement CLG capabilities, with documents, legislation, planning and implementation processes.

State Historic Preservation Office Coordination

The Ohio State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) has an experienced staff dedicate to assisting communities in historic preservation efforts. BrainWave can assist in coordinating the resources, ongoing education, and interactions with SHPO departments and actions.

Historic Eligibility Surveys

The Federal and State both encourage various surveys to catalog historic community assets. BrainWave can assist in these surveys, and also streamline the application process which can follow a survey of eligible properties. The same holds for individual building surveys. Evaluation of potential Historic-District surveys . Jurisdiction-wide surveys of economic development opportunity for planning and Econ-dev departments of communities.

National Register Nominations

BrainWave has associates experienced in National Register Nomination of single sites, and Districts. Additions to existing Districts of eligible sites to facilitate historic tax credit projects.

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